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Cancellation of Membership and Refund Policy

Should an applicant decide not to proceed with FOBBA membership prior to completion of their initial inspection, FOBBA will refund 50% of the total membership application fee paid at the time of application.

Membership applications cancelled for any reason following completion of the inspection will not be credited with a refund. 

Inspections that are deemed incomplete and require a second site visit are subject to a $150 re-inspection fee. Incomplete requirements which can, in the opinion of the membership director, be satisfied through the timely provision of photographs or other documents, will not be subject to a re-inspection fee.

There are no refunds for FOBBA members who close their operations or otherwise withdraw or are asked to withdraw from FOBBA during their membership term.

FOBBA membership is not transferable. Membership certificates remain the property of FOBBA and must be returned on request, or upon the sale or close of the business.

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